Clients and Experience

Elston Studios

Art Director - Daniel Elston

Pixel art and animations for "Guile & Glory: Firstborn

Fuel Games 

Art Directors - Christiaan Gerritsen and Robbie Ferguson

Card illustrations for "Gods Unchained"

Alderac Entertainment Group

Art Director - Alayna Lemmer

Card illustrations for "Edge of Darkness"

Pelgrane Press

Art Directors - Cat Tobin and Alex Roberts

1/4 page illustrations for "Trail of Cthulhu" RPG

1/4 page illustrations for "The Dracula Dossier" RPG

Cover Illustration for "Small Things" RPG 

Boneshaker Press

Encounters of the Imaginary Vol.2

Full spread and 1/4 page illustrations for fantasy art book

Wicked Witch


Art Director - Shannon Trottman

UI/ 3D textures/ Concept art for smartphone, console and VR games

Burning Wheel ​

Misspent Youth RPG by Robert Bohl

1/4 page illustrations 

Darren Close

Killeroo comic 

Alternative cover illustration 

II Ravens Burger

Logo for european food truck company

Off the Kerb Gallery, Melbourne

Illustration for the "Dark Honey" exhibition