Hi! I'm Jessie, a freelance illustrator based in Melbourne, Australia.

I have recently worked a lot in costume illustration doing both linework illustrations as well as realism with photobash and 3D elements.

When not doing costume, I paint digitally and mostly work with fantasy, sci-fi and wildlife themes. My favourite thing to paint is creatures.

Please feel free to contact me if you have any questions regarding myself or my work!


- Warner Bros (Mortal Kombat)

- Roadshow Films (Better Man)

- Matchbox Productions (Bad Behaviour)

- Crazy Fun Park Productions (Crazy Fun Park)

- SBS (New Gold Mountain)

- Kellog's Australia 

- Wizards of the Coast / Doublejump Communications



Jessie S. A'Bell
Also known online as Naira

If you wish to hire me for your project or simply have any questions, please feel free to email me.

E:  jessie.s.abell@gmail.com

For personal commissions, such as pet portraits, OCs, FFXIV or DnD character commissions,

please see my rates here.

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