Jessie S. A'Bell

Freelance Illustrator



  • Warner Bros
    Costume Illustration for "Mortal Kombat" working with Costume Designer Cappi Ireland.

  • SBS
    Costume Illustration for "New Gold Mountain"  working with Costume Designer Cappi Ireland.

  • Little Steps Publishing
    Cover Illustration for "Virozone" by Sarah Cole

  • Elston Studios
    Ongoing pixel art game assets and poster art.

  • G. W. Lücke
    Illustrations for "When Darkness Descends"

  • Scott Hewitt
    Illustrations for "Skullboy & The Leap of Faith"

    Cover Illustr


  • Elston Studios

       Ongoing pixel art animations and game assets

  • Pelgrane Press
    Illustration for “Pacifica” Tabletop RPG

  • Various private client illustrations



  • Fuel Games
    Card Illustrations for "Gods Unchained"

  • Elston Studios
    -Promotional PAXAUS poster art
    -Pixel art and animation game assets

       - Business Card Designs

  • Boneshaker Press
    Illustrations and short story for Encounters with the Imaginary Vol.3

  • Martin Noye
    Illustrations and alternative cover for novel 'Anadaria: The Search for Ameliana'



  • Wicked Witch
    Internship - UI/ 3D textures/ Concept art for smartphone, console and VR games

  • Alderac Entertainment Group

       Card illustrations

  • Boneshaker Press
    Illustrations and short story for Encounters with the Imaginary Vol.2

  • Burning Wheel
    Illustrations for "The Misspent Youth" Tabletop RPG

  • Pelgrane Press
    Illustrations for "Trail of Cthulhu" Tabletop RPG

  • Darren Close
    Cover art alternative for the "Killeroo" comic





  • Photoshop CC

  • Clip Studio Paint

  • Corel Painter 2019

  • Pyxel Edit

  • Blender




  • Communication and feedback is extremely important to me.

  • Working in a team to achieve the desired results.

  • Fast turnaround.

  • Varying skills across different mediums including 2D and 3D.

  • Adapting to various styles.

  • Keen learner.

  • Optimistic and positive. 

  • Client satisfaction is of utmost importance.

  • Punctual and organised.

  • Never going to give you up. Never going to let you down.




  • Shannon Trottman - Art Director at Wicked Witch Software 


  • Christiaan Gerritsen - Art Director at Fuel Games


  • Alayna Danner - Art Director at Alderac Entertainment Group