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Subscribing from Member Settings

Updated: Jul 27, 2018

Welcome newcomers!

This post is to let you know about an issue with a section of this blog.


When you subscribe from the popup box on my website:

Or from the "Subscribe" page... should get the correct emails, like this:


If you sign up as a member to my blog and go to your settings:

..and subscribe from here:

There is a bug in the system that will not allow me to change my blogs name in the database. I have contacted support and they said they are working to resolve this issue and will keep me updated!

So you will get emails from "Welcome to Your Blog" if/when you subscribe from here.

I will send out personally made emails with the correct blog name whenever I make a new post, so you shouldn't need to subscribe through the members settings.

Unless you want additional emails when people like/reply to your comments, PLEASE DO NOT subscribe through here!

Thankyou! Have a nice day :)

- Nyra

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